Moritz Frischkorn

Material Citizenship

In his research project entitled ‘Material Citizenship’ Moritz Frischkorn asks how everyday objects and things can be articulated in choreography in order to become part of civic collectives. In close relation to theories of material agency and assemblages by Latour, DeLanda and recent object-oriented and new materialist philosophy he invests into choreographic ontologies and questions the socio-material performance of things. Concretely, his research departs from contexts of social protest in which things leave their conventional place to actively collaborate in the renegotiation of shared ways of being and living. If umbrellas become revolutionary agents with which protesters can protect themselves against pepperspray or tear-gas in the streets of Hong-Kong or toilet brushes are turned into makeshift mockery utensils for peaceful protest, doesn’t this also imply a promise of restructuring our relationship to things? And how can new ways of living together be described and experienced as emergent choreographies?