Katharina Kellermann

Citizenship and politics of remembrance. Sound as a commemorative cultural medium in postcolonial Hamburg

Notions of History – traces and continuities of the colonial past: The topography of Hamburg confronts us with mute monuments of Germany`s colonial history. Colonial traces construct urban spaces that still need to be understood as contested fields of remembrance culture. Not all memories and perspectives count the same here: some become hegemonic, others remain excluded. Culture of remembrance is always a matter of political struggles and interpretative contestation.

Production of Knowledge – postcolonial knowledge production as an articulation of urban citizenship:The project explores how colonialism with its continuities and effects is thematized in contemporary culture of remembrance, particularly which perspectives are represented within this field and which are excluded. The project especially focuses on the question of how existing structures of space, history and memory are shaped and performatively reinterpreted by postcolonial antiracist work.

Politics of Memory – Performing Citizenship by collective acoustic remembering: Based on this analysis, the project aims at developing performative acoustic forms of remembering, which might serve as a potential dispositif for subaltern interpretations and, in the form of a mobile concert, will publicly intervene at urban sites that were relevant for the city’s colonial past. Artistic work with sound as non-visible art form will be used to create site-specific, participatory and semiotically ambiguous acts of remembrance and to search for an acoustic mode of expression that opposes the prevailing monumental culture of remembrance already by means of its form and rather operates in a post-narrative and representation critical fashion.

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