Thari Jungen

Faking Citizenship – Wie mit Dokumenten und Artefakten Teilhabe und Ausschluss organisiert werden

Citizenship und damit die Zugehörigkeit zum Kollektiv wird im modernen Nationalstaat nicht zuletzt über die Herstellung und Ausgabe von bestimmten Dokumenten organisiert: Geburtsurkunden, Pässe und Arbeitserlaubnisse sind nur einige Beispiele für Dokumente, die verschiedene Stufen und Qualitäten der Zugehörigkeit markieren.… weiter

Katharina Kellermann

Citizenship and politics of remembrance. Sound as a commemorative cultural medium in postcolonial Hamburg

Notions of History – traces and continuities of the colonial past: The topography of Hamburg confronts us with mute monuments of Germany`s colonial history. Colonial traces construct urban spaces that still need to be understood as contested fields of remembrance culture.… weiter

Maike Gunsilius

Perform Citizenship!? School of girls

How will we live together? What does it mean to be (female) citizen in the sense of being active member of today’s postmigrant (Foroutan u. a. 2014) society? How is ‚being a citizen’ articulated: in which publics and under which circumstances?… weiter

Paula Hildebrandt

Welcome City

“The first rule on the stage of the city:
always create the impression to be on the move to a very particular place.“

Massimo Carlotto, The Refugee (1994)

The promise of the city has not lost its appeal, on the contrary.… weiter

Moritz Frischkorn

Material Citizenship

In his research project entitled ‘Material Citizenship’ Moritz Frischkorn asks how everyday objects and things can be articulated in choreography in order to become part of civic collectives. In close relation to theories of material agency and assemblages by Latour, DeLanda and recent object-oriented and new materialist philosophy he invests into choreographic ontologies and questions the socio-material performance of things.… weiter

Michael Ziehl

Cooperation Between Citizens’ Groups and Municipalities for Fostering Urban Resilience – The Example of Gängeviertel in Hamburg

How can citizens and municipalities cooperate to make our cities fit for the future? To discover answers for this question, Michael Ziehl is examining the cooperation between the Gängeviertel initiative and the municipality of Hamburg.… weiter

Liz Rech

Performing Citizenship: Assembly in movement

The expressions MOVEMENT and MOBILISATION are ambiguous and therefore fascinating terms that refer to the field of politics on the one side and to the body and to choreography on the other. In both instances the terms encompass “assembly in movement” and “the becoming of many” (Kunst 2014).… weiter

Constanze Schmidt

Inventing Work

Art & Agency in Professional Orientation

In our society work as a measure of performance has permeated all spheres of life. In a changing working world the negative consequences of such requirements can reveal themselves in adults through insomnia or burnout.… weiter